The Fogg Cafe at The Naples Botanical Garden

1506503_1967848126689193_4138504538888171903_nWhen is comes to variety and “catering” to what the public wants, D’amico and Partners never stops short in engaging our palates. With an array of dining options, not only the Naples area, but also in Minnesota, D’amico has your every taste covered. Their newest addition to their line-up is The Fogg Cafe, brought to you by Lurcat Catering.  Now you can experience all the enticing flavors of the talented Lurcat chefs and their culinary visions of exquisite cuisine, at the Fogg cafe located in the Naples Botanical Garden. Surrounded by the beauty of the the incredible ambiance of The Naples Botanical Garden and Florida nature, this is just a taste of what you can expect.

*Navel orange, roasted baby beets, fennel, olives sorrel and goat cheese crema

*Shrimp and Calamari ceviche, cucumber, yuzu, herbs , tomato, star fish and corn chips

*Ramen, pork belly, chicken , noodles, pickled shitake, cilantro, poached egg, nori

*Grille Gouda cheese with apples on sourdough bread.

For more information and a complete menu go to The Fogg Cafe
4820 Bayshore Drive, Naples FL 34112 239-643-7275 10933760_1959267200880619_2921150599091499419_n